Simple Ways to Reduce After Effects of Leakage and Mist Formation


If your business involves transportation of hazardous chemicals through pipes, then you would know that it involves considerable risks. With time the pipes gets damaged and become weak and vulnerable especially at the joints.

This might lead to leakages and spray outs and mist formation which could cause major industrial accidents. So efforts must be made to prevent them at all costs. However we at Indana Steel being one of the leading suppliers of flange guards suggest some simple steps which you can follow to prevent such major accidents. These are very cost effective as well. Let us see what they are.

Know how to prevent accidental spray outs and leakages

Flange Guards

Flange guards are safety shields which can be installed at the joints and at the valves. These shield the joints where they are installed against any spray outs and leakages and thus prevent any direct contact with the personnel and also with the surrounding equipment.

Even if there is a leak therefore the catastrophic impact gets much limited as a result. These may be made from different types of materials which you can use to suit your requirement bases on the budget you allocate for the purpose. Out of them the PTFE flange guards are very effective as they can sustain high pressures and temperatures.

Using PTFE Ring Gaskets

Apart from flange guards you could also make use of the PTFE ring gaskets to minimize the effects of any leaks or mist formation. These help since they create a static seal between two mechanical members of the flange joints. PTFE material is one which remains unchanged even in extreme conditions.

So they can provide the adequate protection in most conditions even when there is very high temperature or under extreme pressures. Thus any dangerous accidents might easily be averted from happening with their use.

You could also use Bolt Protection caps

Apart from the above two mentioned you can also make use of bolt protection caps which can ensure the safety of your employees and equipment at your plant. The bolt protection caps prevent the bolts from coming in direct contact with the hazardous liquids which might lead to corrosion and ultimately lead to spray outs. So these are also quite effective or preventing any major damages from such spray outs.

In conclusion we can say that when it comes to your business safety is definitely one of your top priorities. This is more so keeping in view the strict statutory requirements in regard to meeting the safety standards of the various authorities.

You might have had the impression that upkeep of meting these standards is a very expensive affair which involves many hassles. However we hope that with the points mentioned above you can make your plant or factory a much safer place and there is no major cost involved as well.

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Are Flange Guards really necessary?

Are you aware of flange guards? These are also called as safety shields. They are widely used across various industries. When it comes to installing them you might posed with many questions.

These may range from Are they really necessary? If so then why and what are their functions? Being one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of various types of flange guards we at Indana Steel thought these are important questions which need to be addressed. However before we embark on doing that let us find what these are where they are primarily used.

Why are flange guards primarily used and why? 

These are safety shields and their primary application is to prevent harmful spray-outs and mist formation from failing pipe joints, of toxic, corrosive and dangerous liquids such as acid, oil or steam.

The use becomes all the more in the necessary in the chemical industry as occurrence of carrying such hazardous chemicals are very frequent. Thus if sufficient safeguards are not taken, it may lead to many serious accidents.

As a major safeguard you need to use high quality flange guard to prevent any such fatal accidents.

You need to use flange guards to prevent major industrial accidents

Studies show that pipe joint failures have been responsible for a large number of high profile industrial accidents .It has been seen that acid, oil and steam spill or spray-outs have caused many severe human injuries.

They have also caused great damage to valuable plant and equipment as well. This is why industry regulators recognized the importance of shielding pipe joints. The best way to prevent such accidents is by using the best quality flange guards.

Some of them come with a PH indication patch. With it you can get an early indication of any probable leak. Thus you can prevent any major losses through the use. These are used at the pipe joints to prevent any leak.

PTFE material is one of the best materials 

Various materials may be used for flange guards. However out of them the PTFE is one of the best. The reason is that the unique feature of this material. Not only are they very reliable but at the same time they can be easily installed and takes very less time.

With them you can also minimize your inspection, maintenance and repair costs. It serves as a great barrier between the hazardous chemicals or gases flowing through the pipes and the external environment. Thus it ensures great safety for all.

In conclusion we have been able to establish that the use of flange guards is extremely necessary particularly if your business is the chemical industry. In case you are looking for the best quality of PTFE flange guards get in touch with us at Indana Steel.