Bolts as you would know play an important role as a fastener. It may be used for various purposes. However be it for construction or any other industrial use the selection of the right bolts and the steel used is very important. This might determine the strength and durability of tan entire structure.

Thus we at Indana Steel being one of the leading suppliers of various kinds of bolts and fasteners thought of informing you about the type of steel used for bolts. This will help you to decide would suit your purpose.

Factors on which the selection of bolts and fasteners depend

There are many considerations which need to be taken before you decide on the bolts or the fasteners which are to be used. Selecting the material must be made of factors like environment (corrosive or temperature extremes), weight, magnetic properties reusability and expected life.

Types of Steel bolts

Steel is the most commonly used material for the production of fasteners. It constitutes nearly 90 percent of all fasteners manufactured annually. This popularity of this material stems from its high degree of formability.

This is again coupled with tensile strength and they are also much more durable. In comparison to other metals , steel  also is comparatively inexpensive to fabricate. It is often processed with zinc or chrome plating. These  can also be formed without any surface treatments. Carbon steel is the most widely used type of steel.

There are various grades of steel which are used .Grades 2, 5, and 8 are typically the standard for carbon-steel based screws and bolts. With alloyed carbon steel is  a higher-end variation on these metals. The mechanical strength of this is very high .

Grades of carbon steel – 4 Gread


Grade 2 carbon Steel: This is a low carbon category and is also the least expensive. However they are also the least durable, types of steel. This grade 2 steel materials is much is widely used.

Grade 5: Grade 5 steels are produced from unalloyed medium carbon groups. These are  type 1038. They are mostly work-hardened to improve their strength. This type of carbon steel is mostly used in automotive applications.

Grade 8: These grades of steels are typically medium carbon alloys. These are types 4037 and 4340. They are also work-hardened to a high degree. This is what makes them stronger and better-suited for mechanically straining applications. These may be used in vehicle suspension systems.

 Alloy Steel: This is an alloy formed with high-strength carbon steel that is thermally treated. Alloy steel has low corrosion resistance. Thus it benefits from additional coating. These steels are extremely strong. However they can  can be rigid and brittle at the same time.

To conclude we hope that we have been able to give you a fair idea of the types of materials used for steel bolts and fasteners. In case you are looking to procure steel bolts and fasteners, then do it from Indana Steel.


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