Pipes form an important part of many industries. Industrial pipes are often used to transport fluids and solids according to the needs of the industry. There may be various types of industrial pipes which may be used in terms of its shape, material, etc. They may at times carry hazardous material as well.

In such cases extra care is to be taken as if these get sprayed out from such pipes it can be a great threat to humans, equipment and environment at large. This is why extra safety precautions are supposed to be taken. Here is where the flanges become important. Let us first understand what flanges are and why they are so important for pipes.

What are pipe flanges? What is their role? 

Pipe flanges can be described as protruding rims, edges, ribs, or even collars used to make a connection between two pipes. They can also be used between a pipe and any type of fitting or equipment component. They are generally used for dismantling piping systems which may be temporary or mobile installations.

Pipe flanges usually are simple mechanical connectors. They are usually used in places where there are high pressure piping applications, where there may be extreme temperatures as well. These may be made from different materials depending on the needs of the customers.

Types of Pipe flange guards

Piping flanges may be made up of different materials. These may be made up with stainless steel which are meant for those sectors where there is requirement of very high strength. Apart from this they may also be  Polypropylene Strap Type ( PP ) Flange Guards . 

Along with this there are pipe flange guards which are made up from PTFE or Polytetrafluoroethylene . This is a synthetic material that has a large number of uses. They offer low friction and are contaminant free. It is non flammable and also non reactive. Thus this makes it ideal work connecting pipes and providing extra protection. In case you are looking for less expensive pipe flange guards there are such types as well.

So we can see that there is a strong correlation between industrial pipes and flange guards. Flange guards help to connect different sections of pipes and also provide extra protection. This becomes necessary in many   industries like petrochemicals, etc. To ensure maximum safety for your plant, equipment and humans at large you must use the best quality flange guards.

This is why we at Indana Steel  manufacture and supply the best quality flange guards based on your needs. We have been in the field of supplying pipe flange guards since long. It is this experience we have in the field that provides us with a distinct edge over our competitors. To know more about pipe flange guards please visit our website.


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